Your credit history creates a picture of your credit enquiries and relationships as well as reported payment defaults.

Introduction to credit reporting

This helps make up the picture that is looked at by banks and other lenders when you apply for credit, such as a loan.

How to manage your credit effectively

Your borrowing capacity is impacted by your credit history – which can be harmed when you fail to pay your bills on time and, as a result, your serious payment defaults are reported.

Your rights

Similarly, it can be kept nice and strong by always making your payments on-time.

Taking control of your credit report

Your credit report may show which credit products you have applied for and been granted.

Your credit report may also show whether or not you’ve made the correct repayments on your debts.

Changes to credit reporting

Over time, this can help to show how responsible you’ve been at meeting your repayments, and provide a clearer picture of your credit history.

Pros & Cons of credit reporting changes

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