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Comprehensive credit reporting participants

Over 95% of consumer credit accounts have repayment history being reported across Australia.

Currently, most Australian credit consumers have comprehensive credit data being reported for at least one credit facility. 

Financial institutions in Australia, including many based in regional Australia, are reporting accounts under the Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) regime.

This means that most Australian consumers have data on their credit history being reported for at least one credit facility – whether it be Home Loan, Credit Cards, Auto or Personal Loans.

The availability of this data is not only great news for credit providers and for the Australian economy, but for individual consumers. 

Today, your credit report is a much more balanced reflection of your credit history rather than just black marks. It includes additional information on the type of accounts you hold, up to 24 months of your repayment history, how many times you’ve applied for credit and how much debt you have available.

Participants and progress with CCR

Currently more than 80 credit providers in Australia are supplying CCR data as at the end of June 2023. These credit providers have demonstrated massive commitment to ensure it helps them lend to consumers more responsibly.

Below for a list of credit providers that are currently participating in CCR and which have agreed to be listed*:

2Be Finance AFG Securities                
Alex Bank Pty Ltd American Express
Athena Home Loans Australian Military Bank
Auswide Bank Azora Finance Services
Azora Personal Loans Bank Australia
Bank of Melbourne Bank SA
Bankwest Bank of Sydney
Bank First Bendigo & Adelaide Bank
Beyond Bank Bridgit Financial Services Pty Ltd
Brighten Brighte Capital Pty Limited
CBA Coastline Credit Union Limited
EBP Money Pty Ltd Fair Go Finance
Firstmac First Federal Home Loans
Gateway Bank Greater Bank
Great Southern Bank Grow Finance
Harmoney Health Professionals Bank
Heritage Bank HSBC
Hume Bank Limited Humm
Illawara Credit Union ING
Keystart Loans Latitude Financial Services
Macquarie Bank MeBank
Metro CF Pty Ltd MoneyMe
MoneyPlace MOVE Bank
MyState Bank NAB
Newcastle Permanent Building Society Nimble Australia
NOW Finance Qudos Bank
Queensland Country Bank People's Choice Credit Union
Pepper Money Limited Plenti
Police Credit Union P&N Bank
PRA Australia RACV
RAMS Regional Australia Bank
Resi Wholesale Funding Pty Ltd Revolut Payments Australia Pty Ltd
Society One Source Funding Pty Ltd
St George Bank Sucasa Loans Pty Ltd
Suncorp SureMoney Pty Ltd
SMC Management Holding Pty Ltd Taurus Motor Finance
Teachers Mutual Bank Think Tank Group
Volkswagen Financial Services Westpac

 Click here to read more about CCR. 

* A small number of credit providers have asked to not be listed here.

Comprehensive Credit Reporting Participants

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